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Toronto Raptors Tickets

Toronto Raptors Ticket Program

    A view from the seats
    Toronto Raptors vs. Chicago Bulls: December 29th, 2006.

    Rawling Financial Inc. owns 4 seats in the Air Canada Centre with an excellent centre court position for watching basketball. The seats are in Section 108, Row 9, seats 3, 4, 5, and 6. Click here for a seating chart.

    Tickets are sold in blocks of 5 games of 4 seats. There are 9 people sharing 45 home games. Tickets are currently sold out, but feel free to contact me with your request to be added to my waiting list. I do my best to try to accommodate my clients.

    London Life bought the original 4 seat licenses in 1994. Shortly after Great West Life bought London Life, they sold Rawling Financial those licenses in June 1998. The preferred seat location was transferred to us and we retain it in the Air Canada Centre, as their 33rd customer.

    Rawling Financial's tickets give access to the private Platinum Club. This is a "high-end" restaurant, located under the stadium. You will see signs for the Platinum Club to help direct you there. It is well worth wandering around to see the pictures on the walls and you can get to the tunnel where the players come in and out. These seats also give you access to a complementary coat check, which is handy to get rid of heavy winter coats.

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