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The Planning Trail

Is your Financial Coach clear on what your vision, values and goals are, before they suggest strategies? Our program helps us discover yours…

Planning Trail Program

This program was created to support my clients' achievement of their goals for financial independence. Our value proposition includes:

  • Goals and Gaps Worksheets are used to help customers achieve their goals and close their planning gaps.
  • Team Member Tracking System allows us to identify your current planning team members and their areas of expertise. Rawling Financial also has access to value-added accounting support, as well as strategy expertise from several financial product experts.
  • Vision Capture records and transcribes your "three year vision." It provides a chance to help you define your most important personal and professional goals. I also capture the greatest potential dangers, opportunities and strengths.
  • A DVD of your vision (video recording).
  • Your Personal Financial Security Plan provides net worth, major purchase, education, retirement, life insurance, and estate analysis.
  • Investment Allocation Process analyses your risk tolerance and tells whether or not your investments are balanced to your investment risk tolerance level.
  • The Risk Comfort Analysis tells me what levels of risk you are willing to accept in order to resolve existing planning gaps.
  • The Complexity Analysis illustrates what levels of complexity you are willing to accept in selecting appropriate strategies.
  • Three month follow-up is included, so we can discuss your progress on achieving your “Goals” and closing your “Gaps”.
  • Our Fee is $2,500. We offer existing clients a 10% discount off our current fee, from the second year onward.

Family Biography Program

We capture your family story from a values based perspective. This could be the "operating manual" that goes with a family financial legacy. Approximate 2 to 2½ hour interview video production in the DVD format $2,500. Each additional set of DVD disks is $75.

All fees are based on a 50% deposit at the start of each year's program, with the balance due when the final report is delivered. Fees are subject to change.

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